Tuesday, October 16, 2007

P.P.S. I forgot to blog about Lifelong Learning!

Lifelong Learning: I'm GREAT at play, but I have a lot of trouble seeing challenges/problems in a positive light. I'm more likely to say "I can't do this!" and give up and go play some more.

P.S. The Sandbox

I went back and added my blog to the favorite blogs page. It's the only blog there right now, and that freaks me out a little, but I did it, and I'm really done. Really.

Thing 23: I'm outta here!

Wow, I'm done! What a fun experience it's been. There have been great parts, like discovering Boing Boing and playing with Pandora, both of which I'll continue to use daily. And my iGoogle page has gotten a lot of much-needed attention lately, and that's good. And there have been not-so-great parts, like Del.icio.us, which is still somewhat lost on me. But honestly, I feel like I'm better able to help my customers as a result of this training, and I'm feeling very Web 2.0 savvy right now. Would I do a similar training in the future? (Web 3.0?) Absolutely!

Thing 22: Audiobooks

So I played around with Project Gutenberg and found out that their #1 downloaded eBook yesterday was a surgical manual from 1921. That scares the you-know-what out of me. I truly hope that those people are collectors and not do-it-yourselfers. Anyway, I've never really considered eBooks before, but Gutenberg was fun. I was surprised by the number of titles that were available. I'm seriously contemplating "Pride and Prejudice." Will I really do it? I don't know...I'm still one of those people that likes holding a book, turning a page, sitting in a comfy chair, not staring at the computer.

Thing 21: Podcast Found

I just searched Yahoo! Podcasts for beekeeping. Voila! I found Honey Bee Man! I've added the feed to my iGoogle page, and now I can watch beekeeping videos on pithy topics like how not to get stung (yeah, right) and why it's important to buy local honey. Very cool.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thing 20: You Tube

You know what's so great about You Tube? Sit back, I'm gonna tell you. I can be in my office with the boys and say something like this: "Remember that episode of Friends? The one with the cheesecake?" And then they'll say "Yeah--that was awesome!" And then we don't just have to rely on our aging minds to enjoy that episode--we can actually pull the relevant scenes up on You Tube and watch them and laugh hysterically for 5 minutes. I'm sure that there are other more scholarly uses for it, but personally, I like mine better. The Lyle Lovett video is here for 2 reasons: first, because I've got a horrible crush on him, and second, because my Texan husband thinks it's cute to serenade me with this particular song.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thing 19: Pandora

I lurve Pandora. I've been listening with my office mates for months now, and I finally set up my own account. I gave it one of my favorite songs, Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison, and Pandora is feeding me all kinds of similar songs--some I like, some I don't. But the cool thing is that I get to choose. Right now I'm listening to the Stones. Good stuff.

PS Just for the record, Tupelo Honey was one of my favorite songs long before I became a beekeeper's wife. :)